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A faith that shines more bright and clear
Security 66
And Iíd praise God in His bright abode.
Ecstacy 106
And safely land us on Canaanís bright shore?
The Old Ship of Zion 79
And the bright angels sing,
Poyner 41, How Long, Dear Saviour (Northfield) 155
Bright angels beckon me away,
Come and Go with Me to Heaven 153
Bright morning star, bids darkness flee.
Iím Not Ashamed of Jesus (Corinth) 32t
Bright shining as the sun,
Ninety-Fifth Psalm 36b, Hallelujah 146
But sunshine of heavín beam'd bright on thy waking,
Funeral Thought 158
Lo! for His guard the bright angels attend.
Star in the East 175
My heavínly home is bright and fair,
Farewell, Vain World 95t, To Die No More 111b, I Will Shout and Sing in Glory 116
Round the bright elysian.
Elysian 139
Shall this bright hour delay?
Poyner 41, How Long, Dear Saviour (Northfield) 155
That prize, with peerless glories bright,
The Christianís Race 187
Thru the bright celestial dome,
Shall We Know Each Other There? 55
To a mansion bright and fair,
The Christianís Home 37
To improve all their bright Sabbath days;
A Place for Children 180

21 verses, 19 songs