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And antedate that day.
The Child of Grace 77t
And bring the promised day.
Poyner 41, How Long, Dear Saviour (Northfield) 155
And thou, refulgent orb of day,
The Last Words of Copernicus 112
And vast glory crown the day by and by.
Saints Bound for Heaven 60
Arise and pray, weíll win the day,
Arise and Pray (Look Out) 90
Death ítis a melancholy day
Tribulation 184b
For mercy by day and for safety by night;
Family Bible 165
Frequent the day of God returns
Ogletree 138b
I fear before Thee all the day,
Timmons 117
I never shall forget the day when Jesus washíd my sins away,
Exhilaration 170
I shall live in endless day;
The Childís Prayer (Sweet Affliction) 145b
I trust youíll pray, both night and day,
Ministerís Farewell 69
In everlasting day.
Entreaty (Liverpool) 29b
In that eternal day.
Hallelujah 146
In the land of perfect day.
Shall We Know Each Other There? 55
Infinite day excludes the night,
Gathering Home 33, Heavenly Land 124t, Holy Land 154t
Is falling evíry day!
Jesus Is Winning Souls (Essay) 191
Like thoughts of absenting myself for a day
The Bower of Prayer 100
Lord, shed a beam of heavínly day
Frozen Heart 93
My path from day to day.
I Would See Jesus 75
My soul anticipates the day,
The Christianís Hope 134
My way gets shorter evíry day
Fallen by the Way 114b
O happy day! O joyful hour!
The Christianís Hope 134
O the day of joy will soon appear,
A Crown of Life for Me 160
Oh, give me submission, and strength as my day,
Heavenís My Home 119
On that celestial day,
Columbus 67
Once more, my soul, the rising day
Consolation 50t
Our souls by day and night,
Guiding Spirit 86
Secure the blessing of the day.
Life Is the Time to Serve the Lord (Wells) 28b
Shines one eternal day;
Sweet Prospect 65
Softly now the light of day
Evening 70b
Soon for us the light of day
Evening 70b
Sweet is the day of sacred rest,
Devotion 48t
That fountain in his day;
The Fountain of Life 46
The day is past and gone,
Evening Shade 132
The day of grace, and mortals may
Life Is the Time to Serve the Lord (Wells) 28b
The day of the Millennium will surely begin.
Millennium 130
The day renews the sound,
Consolation 50t
Thou, Lord of the day, and thou, Queen of the night,
The Dying Christian 123t
To endless day.
Gospel Trumpet 99
To see a heav'nly day.
Salvation, O the Joyful Sound (Primrose) 47t
To sing Godís praise in endless day;
Service of the Lord 80b, Farewell, Vain World 95t, Journey Home 111t, Come and Go with Me to Heaven 153, Ragan 176t
We thank Thee for the day.
Chicago 140
When Jesusí pure testimony will gain the day,
Millennium 130
Whose glories shine thru endless day.
Iím Not Ashamed of Jesus (Corinth) 32t
Win the day and conquer all.
Holiness 76t, Saint Paul 105t
Ye bring eternal day.
Florence 121
You must walk while it is day;
The Traveler 108b

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