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And range with delight in the Eden of love.
Eden of Love 39
And rivers of delight.
My Home (Lisbon) 51, Sweet Prospect 65
At morning and evíning could yield us delight;
Family Bible 165
Filled with delight, my raptured soul
The Promised Land 128
I soon shall behold, with increasing delight,
The Dying Christian 123t
My soul forsakes her vain delight,
My Soul Forsakes Her Vain Delight (Leander) 71
Myriads, with supreme delight,
Elysian 139
O let your thoughts delight to soar
Social Band (Clamanda) 42
The land of rest the saintsí delight,
The Child of Grace 77t
There is a land of pure delight,
Gathering Home 33, Heavenly Land 124t, Holy Land 154t

12 verses, 12 songs