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And am I born to die?
Idumea 47b
And death itself shall die.
How Long, Dear Saviour (Northfield) 155
And let it faint or die,
Animation 103, Hallelujah 146
And pleasure only blooms to die.
Distress 50b
And they must drink or die.
Montgomery 189
He askíd, if I for Him would die;
Duane Street 164
I am bound to die in the army.
Service of the Lord 80b
I hope to praise Him when I die,
Exhilaration 170
I must forever die.
Come, Humble Sinner (Fairfield) 29t
If you die first, anon you must,
Ministerís Farewell 69
Iíll bless the kind summons, and lie down and die.
Morality 136
Iím going home, to die no more,
To Die No More 111b
My weary soul would faint and die.
John 4:14 133
O I die with hunger here, he cries,
The Prodigal Son 113
Solid comforts when we die.
Solid Comfort (King of Peace) 74b
The living know that they must die,
Life Is the Time to Serve the Lord (Wells) 28b
Thy comforts are not made to die.
Distress 50b
To conquer, thoí I die;
Bound for Canaan 82, The Morning Trumpet 85, Ecstacy 106, Heavenly Armor 129
We all begin to die.
Guiding Spirit 86
When I am called to die.
Fallen by the Way 114b
When I must faint and die;
The Dying Minister 124b
Why in such dreadful haste to die?
Sessions 38t
Why should we start or fear to die,
Prospect 30b
Why will you die?
Turn, Sinner, Turn 105b
Will guide us ítill we die
Will Guide Us Till We Die (Aylesbury) 28t

28 verses, 27 songs