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And evíry powír find sweet employ,
Devotion 48t
And find its long-sought rest,
Animation 103
And find salvation through Thy blood,
Gospel Trumpet 99
And I shall find the peaceful shore
The Christianís Hope 134
And no relief can find,
Complainer 141
And on the right I find Him not
Columbus 67
And taught me the way of salvation to find.
Expression 125
But cannot find Him there;
Columbus 67
But find the path to heavín.
Sounding Joy 118
But let me find them all again,
Hallelujah 146
But now I find an aching void
Bethel 27
I find myself placed in a state of probation,
The Christian Warfare 179
May our justified souls find a welcome in heavín.
The Trumpet 149
More than all in Thee I find;
Martin 107
That I once more may find her?
The Churchís Desolation 89
To find at the banquet of mercy thereís room,
Sweet Home 161
What pleasure in beauty or wealth can I find?
Morality 136
Yet do I find my heart inclined
Ministerís Farewell 69
You will find in Christ the way.
The Traveler 108b

18 verses, 18 songs