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And mourníd because I found it not;
Marysville 163b
I once was lost, but now am found,
Amazing Grace (New Britain) 45t, Hallelujah 146
Or any mate was found.
Edmonds 114t
íTill we found them aground
The Spiritual Sailor 150
íTis found beneath the mercy seat.
Mercy Seat 96
In heavín alone no sin is found,
Weeping Saviour 32b
My Jesus I have found,
Jesus Is Winning Souls (Essay) 191
Next door to death He found me,
The Good Physician 176b
O may my heart in tune be found,
Devotion 48t
Plenteous grace with Thee is found,
Martin 107
So let Thy pardíning love be found.
Show Pity, Lord (Cusseta) 73t
The men of grace have found
Albion 52t
What a dear Savior I have found;
Marysville 163b

14 verses, 13 songs