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A light to shine upon the road
Bethel 27
Adieu, ye proud, ye light and gay,
The Churchís Desolation 89
And dwell with Him in light.
Holy City 101b
And life and light convey.
Sounding Joy 118
Arrayed in robes of light,
The Lord Jehovah Reigns (Chambers) 120
Christ the light, yon setting sun,
The Traveler 108b
Encircled in light, and with glory enshrouded,
Eden of Love 39
Floods of everlasting light
Elysian 139
He sheds the beams of light divine
Iím Not Ashamed of Jesus (Corinth) 32t
I cannot live without Thy light,
Supplication 45b
In that land of light and glory,
Shall We Know Each Other There? 55
It spreads diviner light,
Sounding Joy 118
Life, light, and joy, dispense!
Come Holy Spirit (Abbeville) 68b
Light, sweet and kind, the strokes appear,
San Diego 156
So purer light shall mark the road
Bethel 27
Softly now the light of day
Evening 70b
Soon for us the light of day
Evening 70b
The children of the light.
Ministerís Farewell 69
The glorious light of Jesus
Complainer 141
The glorious light of Zion
The Glorious Light of Zion (Burk) 92
The lightís from me withdrawn.
Columbus 67
íTill morning light appears.
Evening Shade 132
Watch me ítill the morning light.
The Childís Prayer (Sweet Affliction) 145b
Whilst I enjoy the light,
Consolation 50t
With all your feeble light,
The Last Words of Copernicus 112
Would light on some sweet promise there,
Show Pity, Lord (Cusseta) 73t

26 verses, 23 songs