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All glory, glory to the Lord.
Fulfillment 102
And adore the Lord our God;
Holy Manna 59b
And crown Him Lord of all.
Coronation 63
And hear the Lord of life unfold;
Sessions 38t
And I want to serve the Lord,
Done With the World 88t
And since the Lord retaineth
Hosanna 178
As the Lord cometh down in the pomp of His ire!
The Trumpet 149
Christ, the Lord, is come to reign.
Jubilee 144
Come, bow before the Lord,
Dartmouth 169
Come, we that love the Lord,
Come, We That Love the Lord (Webster) 31b, Albion 52t
Dear Lord, if indeed I am Thine,
Green Fields 127
Dismiss us with thy blessing, Lord,
Washington 147
Do not I love Thee, O my Lord?
Do Not I Love Thee (Detroit) 68t
Eternal are Thy mercies, Lord,
Schenectady 192
Farewell, my brethren in the Lord,
The Weary Souls 83b
For Iíll be with my Lord,
Gone to a Better World 34
Grace which like the Lord, the giver,
Jefferson 148
Hallelujah, praise the Lord.
Streams of Mercy (Warrenton) 145t, The Childís Prayer (Sweet Affliction) 145b
Hark! my soul, it is the Lord,
The Saviourís Word (Talbotton) 77b
Home, sweet home, Bless the Lord.
Journey Home 111t
How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord,
Firm Foundation (Bellevue) 72
I am bound to live in the service of my Lord,
Service of the Lord 80b
I hope the Lord will you reward
Ministerís Farewell 69
I long, dearest Lord, in Thy beauties to shine,
Heavenís My Home 119
If Lord, Thou count me meet
Animation 103
Iím not ashamed to own my Lord,
The Inquirer 74t
In the service of my Lord,
The Childís Prayer (Sweet Affliction) 145b
Increase my courage, Lord!
Am I a Soldier of the Cross? (Christian Soldier) 57
Increase, O Lord, our faith and hope,
Ogletree 138b
Life is the time to serve the Lord,
Life Is the Time to Serve the Lord (Wells) 28b
Looking unto Christ the Lord,
Jubilee 144
Lord, above may we go praising,
Shouting Song 80t
Lord, give us such a faith as this
Security 66
Lord, I come to Thee for rest,
Jesus Loves to Answer Prayer 177
Lord, in the morning Thou shalt hear
Exhortation 171, To Thee Will I Direct My Prayer (Phoebus) 173
Lord, it is my chief complaint
The Saviourís Word (Talbotton) 77b
Lord, keep us safe this night,
Evening Shade 132
Lord, lead me to the crystal fountain,
John 4:14 133
Lord, let not all my hopes be vain;
The Road to Life and Death (Windham) 38b
Lord, on Thee our souls depend;
Gainsville 70t
Lord, revive us, O revive us,
Lord Revive Us (Holy Manna) 59t
Lord, shed a beam of heavínly day
Frozen Heart 93
Lord, Thou wilt hear me when I pray;
Timmons 117
Lord, we come before Thee now,
Gainsville 70t
Lord, we would commune with Thee.
Evening 70b
Lord, what a thoughtless wretch was I
Huntington 193
May the Lord help you turn!
Turn, Sinner, Turn 105b
O how the Lordís song shall we sing
Babelís Streams 126
O Lord, extend Thy gracious hand,
Chicago 140
O Lord remember me!
Pisgah 58
Mighty hosts of the angels that wait on the Lord;
The Trumpet 149
Of my redeeming Lord;
Columbus 67
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
Olney 135
Shall bear me to the Lord there,
Carnsville 109
Shall we seek Thee, Lord, in vain?
Gainsville 70t
Show pity, Lord; O Lord, forgive,
Show Pity, Lord (Cusseta) 73t
That caused the Lord of bliss,
Wondrous Love 159
The angel of the Lord came down
Glory Shone Around 98, Sherburne 186
The Lord has promised good to me,
Amazing Grace (New Britain) 45t
The Lord into His garden come,
Refreshing Showers (Nashville) 64
The Lord Jehovah reigns,
The Lord Jehovah Reigns (Chambers) 120
The Lord of glory dies for men;
Morning 163t
The Lord shall come, all clothed in thunder,
Fulfillment 102
There all flesh is at once in the sight of the Lord,
The Trumpet 149
Thou knowíst I love Thee, dearest Lord,
Do Not I Love Thee (Detroit) 68t
Thou, Lord of the day, and thou, Queen of the night,
The Dying Christian 123t
Thy saints, O Lord, before thy throne
Will Guide Us Till We Die (Aylesbury) 28t
Take us, Lord, to dwell with Thee.
Evening 70b
Weíll pray for each other and trust in the Lord.
Farewell, My Brethren (Imandra New) 54b
When first I saw the Lord?
Bethel 27
When the Lord Jesus comes for my soul,
A Crown of Life for Me 160
When the Lord shall come for my soul,
A Crown of Life for Me 160
Yet save a trembling sinner, Lord,
Show Pity, Lord (Cusseta) 73t

78 verses, 65 songs