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And I hope by Thy good pleasure,
Olney 135
And pleasure only blooms to die.
Distress 50b
Beware of pleasure’s siren song;
Social Band (Clamanda) 42
Had I heart to hold its pleasure,
Palmetto 54t
I’ll bathe in the ocean of pleasure unbounded,
Eden of Love 39
I’m going where pleasure never dies.
Shouting Song 80t
Nor pleasure’s flow’ry road,
San Diego 156
'Tis pleasure to our ears;
Salvation, O the Joyful Sound (Primrose) 47t
What pleasure in beauty or wealth can I find?
Morality 136
Where pleasure rolls its living flood,
My Soul Forsakes Her Vain Delight (Leander) 71

10 verses, 10 songs