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And find its long-sought rest,
Animation 103
And give Thy children rest.
Will God Forever Cast Us Off? (Mear) 49b
And in his bosom rest?
The Promised Land 128
And take you home to rest.
The Morning Trumpet 85, Ecstacy 106
And the weary are at rest.
Gone to Heaven 97
And to the weary rest.
Salem 56
And while I rest my weary head
Timmons 117
And with this glorious Jesus rest?
Turn, Sinner, Turn 105b
But now I meet them as the rest,
Columbus 67
I would fly away and be at rest,
Ecstacy 106
Iím going home to the Christian's rest,
To Die No More 111b
In seas of heavínly rest,
Ninety-Fifth Psalm 36b, The Hope of Heaven (Primrose Hill) 43
In that sweet land of rest.
Gone to a Better World 34
In yon blissful region, the haven of rest,
Eden of Love 39
Lord, I come to Thee for rest,
Jesus Loves to Answer Prayer 177
O Eden is a land of rest,
Eden 154b
O land of rest! for thee I sigh;
Eden 154b
O may we in thy bosom rest,
Evening Shade 132
Of everlasting rest.
The Christianís Hope 134
Our father dear has gone to rest,
The Christianís Home 37
Our souls shall be at rest.
Guiding Spirit 86
Sweet messenger of rest;
Bethel 27
Sweet is the day of sacred rest,
Devotion 48t
The glorious hope of endless rest
Sweet Rivers 61
The land of rest the saintsí delight,
The Child of Grace 77t
Thou art our rest, our safe abode;
Stratfield 142
íTis my desire above the rest
Desire for Piety 76b
Upon our beds to rest;
Evening Shade 132
Ye weary spirits, rest;
Blow Ye the Trumpet (Lenox) 40

29 verses, 28 songs