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And find salvation through Thy blood,
Gospel Trumpet 99
And shout salvation as I fly!
Exhilaration 170
And taught me the way of salvation to find.
Expression 125
Bids you His salvation sing.
Weeping Sinners 108t
Free salvation is proclaimed
Jubilee 144
Glory, honor, and salvation;
Jubilee 144
Great salvation, donít reject it,
Jubilee 144
He brought salvation to His people,
John 4:14 133
He poured salvation on a wretch,
The Converted Thief 44
Neglecting their salvation.
The Midnight Cry 115
Salvation from sorrow, thru Jesusí love,
Eden of Love 39
Salvation, glory, joy remain
Song to the Lamb 138t
Salvation! Let the echo fly
Salvation, O the Joyful Sound (Primrose) 47t
Salvation! O, the joyful sound!
Salvation, O the Joyful Sound (Primrose) 47t
Sing the great salvation;
Elysian 139
When His salvation bringing,
Hosanna 178
When our salvationís Rock we praise.
Old Hundred 49t
With salvationís walls surrounded,
Jefferson 148

19 verses, 15 songs