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He died to atone for the sins of the world;
Heaven’s My Home 119
I feel my sins forgiven,
Carnsville 109
I hate the sins that made Thee mourn,
Bethel 27
I never shall forget the day when Jesus wash’d my sins away,
Exhilaration 170
My sins forgiv’n, forgiv'n, and I am free,
All Is Well 122
Nor let me in my sins expire!
Thou Man of Grief (Kedron) 48b
Thousands sleeping in their sins,
The Midnight Cry 115
’Twas for sins His life He gave
The Crucified Saviour 84
Wash all my sins away.
The Fountain of Life 46
Who knows his sins forgiv’n!
The Child of Grace 77t

10 verses, 10 songs