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And be your guard and stay.
Jesus Is Winning Souls (Essay) 191
And I donít expect to stay much longer here.
Done With the World 88t
And with them joyless stay,
Columbus 67
For if I stay away I know,
Come, Humble Sinner (Fairfield) 29t
Gently doth he chide my stay,
Spring 188
I cannot stay much longer here,
Farewell, Vain World 95t
I canít stay away;
Farewell, Vain World 95t
I go away, and here you stay,
Ministerís Farewell 69
I have no home or stay with you;
Pilgrimís Farewell 185
Oh could I stay with friends so kind,
Parting Hand 62
Stay, sinner, on the gospel plains,
Sessions 38t
While here in the valley of conflict I stay,
Heavenís My Home 119
While here on earth we stay.
The Child of Grace 77t
Would here no longer stay:
The Promised Land 128

16 verses, 13 songs