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By faith I hear those bitter groans,
Calvary 78
He shed those tears for me.
Weeping Saviour 32b
How sweet to reflect on those joys that await me,
Eden of Love 39
I’d to those rivers fly;
Sweet Rivers 61
I’ll join with those who’re gone before,
Sweet Canaan 87
Let us covet those charms that shall never decay,
Morality 136
Let those refuse to sing
Albion 52t
O’er all those wide, extended plains
Sweet Prospect 65
To those I dearly love,
Vale of Sorrow 83t
To those who are spectators,
The Spiritual Sailor 150
To those who have no God,
Tribulation 184b
Where those who meet shall part no more.
The Christian’s Home 37
With those who’ve gone before.
Joyful 166

13 verses, 13 songs