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And the weary are at rest.
Gone to Heaven 97
And to the weary rest.
Salem 56
And while I rest my weary head
Timmons 117
Dear children, donít be weary,
Jesus Is Winning Souls (Essay) 191
My weary soul would faint and die.
John 4:14 133
O! Ye weary, heavy laden,
Shall We Know Each Other There? 55
There I shall bathe my weary soul,
Ninety-Fifth Psalm 36b, The Hope of Heaven (Primrose Hill) 43
Where I may bathe my weary soul,
John 4:14 133
Ye weary, heavy-laden souls,
The Weary Souls 83b
Ye weary spirits, rest;
Blow Ye the Trumpet (Lenox) 40

13 verses, 10 songs