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A happy world above,
Holy City 101b
Amid the glories of that world,
The Converted Thief 44
And bids the world farewell,
My Soul Forsakes Her Vain Delight (Leander) 71
And face a frowning world.
The Hope of Heaven (Primrose Hill) 43
And leave the world behind.
Sweet Rivers 61
And shall the world with dread alarms,
Social Band (Clamanda) 42
And the world He died to save
The Crucified Saviour 84
Farewell, vain world, Iím going home;
Service of the Lord 80b, Farewell, Vain World 95t, Journey Home 111t, Come and Go with Me to Heaven 153, Ragan 176t
From this vain world of sin?
Bound for Canaan 82, The Morning Trumpet 85, Ecstacy 106
He comes! He comes! to judge the world,
Messiah 131t
He died to atone for the sins of the world;
Heavenís My Home 119
I am done with the world,
Done With the World 88t
In that eternal world of joy.
Devotion 48t
Into a world unknown!
Idumea 47b
Is this vile world a friend to grace,
Am I a Soldier of the Cross? (Christian Soldier) 57, Soldiers of Christ (Arlington) 73b
Nor tread the rough paths of the world by thy side;
Funeral Thought 158
The world can never fill.
Bethel 27
The world declares thy praise;
Will Guide Us Till We Die (Aylesbury) 28t
This sinful world of woe.
Gone to a Better World 34
íTill I a better world can view.
Pilgrimís Farewell 185
To that celestial world above,
Canaanís Land 101t
To this vain world of sin and sorrow,
John 4:14 133
Throí all the world the echo bounds;
Gospel Trumpet 99
When Zion in purity the world shall behold.
Millennium 130
While here in this world we roam.
A Place for Children 180
Who rules the world above;
Chicago 140
With these the world has bought them.
The Churchís Desolation 89

34 verses, 34 songs